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The Elephant of Côte d'Or, the Pierrot of Spa, the tricolor lady on cigarette Belga package...: these ads, new and old were famous. Not a street, not a pub that displays the image of Belgian brands! There are, alongside the inevitable current Belgian brands (Delvaux, Delacre, Black Cat Coffee, Godiva), brands now forgotten (the Minerva cars, washing powder Sun, macaroni Remy Rollmops Globus) and those that are never thought they are Belgian (waxing it goes alone, candy Lutti, margarine Solo) ... This book tells stories of Belgian, the often overlooked history of these brands from birth to their current international developments, which they are perhaps more "really Belgian." It awakens our memory the stories associated with them, the slogans that counted. He shared with us the history of these products are part of our recent history, from the late nineteenth century until today.   Jacques Mercier is one of the most popular journalist and presenter of the Belgian TV and radio.

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