Aperitivo !


  If the Italians did not invent the tradition of the aperitif, they however sublimated it. They raised this anecdotal moment of the day to a real institutional practice for getting together and have a good time. And who says aperitif in Italy, says also Spritz and bruschetta! From his visit to northern Italy, in the region of Vicenza, Albert Verdeyen has brought us 30 of these bitter cocktails that drive the Italians crazy (including the famous Spritz who needs no introduction). He also fell in love with a wonderful ‘mise-en-bouche', a gentle appetizer caress that brings a soft explosion of flavors: the Bruschetta Veneta. Put on a simple wooden board, the slice of bread multiplies its effects combining ham, tuna, artichoke, spicy salami or zucchini. Delicious and easy to cook, these bruschette will bring a very special Italian mood to your terrace. Let us start with the discovery of an epicurean lifestyle and tradition, the Italian Happy-Hour.   Albert Verdeyen is a cook, consultant (Chef for the Tour de France) and ambassador of renowned cooking brands.

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