Totally French fries


You will know all about the French fries with this “Carrément Frite” the very famous Belgian symbol. With this first major work in French on the subject, you will learn the real story of the fries, the fries cooks, their origin, the culture and the humor that goes with it.  You will also learn how to cook the real Belgian fries and how to make the difference with its illegitimate cousins as well as how to prepare the best traditional sauces/dressings. In this “Carrément frites” Hugues Henry and Albert Verdeyen are proud to celebrate THE fries. Speaking of sauce, back to basics: on the fries or aside?   Albert Verdeyen is a cook, consultant (Chef for the Tour de France) and ambassador of renowned cooking brands.   Hugues Henry is a journalist for music, movie and people press and is a fries freak since little. He has built a website “” to federate a network of amators and professionals around this symbol.

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