Love Cuisine


Vital and tasty, the energy cooking is already a terrible anti-stress weapon, anti-aging and anti-kilos. In her new little pink book, Martine Fallon shows with humor and always with pleasure that libido and cooking are interrelated. We can tease the desire with little rascal's dishes to spice up everyday's life. Based on Chinese's energy logic, she shares her tips and tricks in cooking to wake up and support the romantic encounter. 1. Introduction and preface (testimony of an acupuncturist) 2. Desire, libido, vital cooking: same battle 3. Shaped up to make healthy babies 4. The Chinese point of view 5. The organs responsible for desire 6. Aphrodisiac foods 7. As for spices 8. Desire blockers 9. 80 delicious recipes to boost your libido   Martine Fallon is a consultant in natural nutrition. She organizes around the world conferences, seminaries and short stays on nutrition resourcing. She has published “My energy cooking” in 2008 and “Energy Bomb” in 2009.

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